Brett Williams
Writer / Director

Brett has been involved in filmmaking for many years both as a writer and a director. He has created many short films and one feature, Mixed Emulsions. He has a degree in Media Production from the University of Houston.


Kurtis von Krueger
Producer / Astronaut

Mr. Von Krueger has been a performer and actor for 15 years. He previously starred in the feature film Mixed Emulsions. Stage credits include "A Subject Was Roses", "Rent" and "Buddy Holly". He was seen as the lead in the original Production of "Republic Day" by Tom Stell.


Daniel wolff
Director of Photography

Brett Bousley

Kat Holm
Associate Producer

lendsey kersey
Astronaut’s wife

introducing lydia von krueger

Dave LaMont
Voice of Capcom

Kirk von Krueger
Voice of Capcom